Alpha frats vs Landlord
20 octubre, 2016

3 exchange students are doing a party in home and their landlord decides to come to ask what’s happening. What he doesn’t know is he’ll end totally dominated and humiliated in his own flat,...

The Purge Episode 3
29 septiembre, 2016

It’s time for the final Purge. Masters are going to give their slaves what they deserve humiliating them without any remorse. A session between young Alphas & subs like you've never seen at...

The purge Episode 2
15 septiembre, 2016

The annual Purge has begun and a couple is captured with another guy by three scaly alphas wanting to dominate them. Confused, they spend some time in a hot big session of sex and worshipping. ...

Dirty Male
4 agosto, 2016

Tied up and waiting for his Master comes to use him in the most humiliating ways. Only an object for pleasure, he’ll be ordered to worship feet, receiving his male piss and let him play with hi...

Morning Bareback
8 julio, 2016

The bulging, bristling, Barcelona boys are back in burly business, with two of our favourites, big, uncut hunks Diego Sena and Dominique Kenique, finger licking' yum. Sexy Dominique luvs to play ...

23 junio, 2016

Julio has arrived to make Dominique surrender to his pleasure, dominating him in every way and making give himself to the fullest submission. His slave serving him forever and ever. Julio ha l...

Kitchen Fuck
10 junio, 2016

Long, lithe, lean and ripped - sexy Dany Romeo has been hitting the gym and his rock hard likeable abs are certainly paying off. Dominque Kenique is as horned up as usual - so we just open the ca...

Scally Alpha Attack 2
2 junio, 2016

Josh has a surprise for Dmitry: a slave he can use to prove himself as a proper Dom. But first, he’ll have to earn it by doing everything his Master says. A scene full of spit and piss that’l...

Flip Flop
11 mayo, 2016

mmmm breath in its time for some 'keep the sneakers on' fucking. WE know you luv that nasty, bearded, big-dick pup - Angel Garcia - but we know you like some fresh-of-the-bus tail, so here's very...

5 abril, 2016

Sesión fotográfica realizada por Ander Razz

Drunk Str8
27 febrero, 2016

A str8 guy falls asleep in a club after a wild chess night and Dominique takes advantage of the situation rubbing him and fulfilling his most turn on: lick feet. What will happen when he wakes up...

Scally Alpha Attack
7 enero, 2016

Two young scallies are flirting with an older guy... Hustlers? No, Masters. They are young, evil, and they love to go out for slaves hunting to submit them to the biggest humiliations. Dos cha...

Strangers [English version]
12 septiembre, 2015

Bajo el nombre de Strange Physic Situation grabé este vídeo experimental, que ahora he decidido llamar Strangers tras remasterizarlo. Quería contar una historia a través de una escena amateur...

David Mesha
2 agosto, 2014

David Mesha es uno de los fotógrafos más aclamados internacionalmente, bajo este seudónimo firma estas fotografías realizadas en Barcelona, con los actores Josh Milk, Rubén Mastin, & G. ...

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