My first experience in sex was a revenge. We were three close friends but I didn’t know the other two were boyfriends until one day one of them had to leave to do the military service, and my friend was very sad about it. He confessed to me that he was in love with the guy who had to leave… And I said, “Oh, sorry about that, can i do something for you?”… Each of my scenes are a kind of revenge. It’s about to do what some people tell me i can’t do due to my age. Sorry babies, but i do porn to give some pleasure to myself. It’s ok, if you like what i do. But if you don’t, i will still fucking your opinion. D.K.


Hustlaball Awards 2018

Este año no estoy nominado como actor en los Hustlaball Awards 2018, pero dos de mis películas en las que intervengo están nominadas...